An online map for your X-Plane flight sessions

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Airspaces is an online (or desktop) map for viewing single- or multiplayer flight sessions.

Choose your Airspace version

Public Online Private Online Self-Hosted Desktop (legacy)
Fly with the whole world
Fly with your friends
Some customizations
Will be receiving new features

🔧 Public online Airspace: setting up

Configure X-Plane to export UDP data line 20 to the IP and port 49003.

Head to the public Airspace. You should see your aircraft there!

📨 Private online Airspace: Contact me

Let me host your private Airspace for yourself and your friends. Its URL will look like <your-name>

Some customizations can be requested, such as:

  • your custom aircraft icons
  • your custom map background or features
  • feel free to ask for anything else, it might be easy for me to do.

Private airspaces are free, but donations are welcome. Email me at if interested.

Self-host an Airspace

The easiest way to self-host an Airspace is to run the Docker image:

docker run -d -p "9000:9000" -p "49003:49003/udp" foucdeg/airspaces:api

The Airspaces API will be available on port 9000 and the X-Plane port is 49003. The client will soon be integrated in the Docker image; for now, you can build it from the frontend/ subfolder.

If you cannot use Docker, you can run the Node.js backend and serve the ReactJS client in your own preferred way, as they are both open source.

Download Desktop Airspaces

Be advised that this desktop version of Airspaces will no longer receive new features, as it is costly and harder to maintain for me.

Download desktop Airspaces for Mac, Windows or Linux.


If you cannot get the map to work, email me at

For any bug reports, leave an issue on Github.

Helping out

Thanks for your interest! I gladly accept any help: